10 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Add Social Proof

Social proof is the ultimate persuader. Put tons of it on just about every page of your website. Reviews, case studies, expert endorsements, mentions in publications, everything.

2. Optimize for “above the fold” conversion

A very high percentage of people don’t even scroll down on web pages. If they don’t get grabbed by what they see right away, they’re gone. So, put a ton of persuasive power and important buttons in the “above the fold” portion of pages.

3. Add “trust builders” on your checkout page

Around 70-80% of checkouts get abandoned. Reduce that number for your store with “trust builders” on your checkout page. That includes social proof, payment methods taken, trust badges, and your refund guarantee.

4. Try offering free, fast and safe shipping

People want their shipping to be free, fast, and safe. Test those three words or use a combination of them in your sales pitch.

5. Use this Product Page formula

A classic format for product pages is title on top, then product photos, then average review, then a bullet-point list of benefits, then a clickable CTA button. When in doubt, use this.

6. Optimize for all devices and all layouts

Optimizing your site for mobile is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Less obvious is optimizing your site for landscape on mobile. Make sure it looks good on desktop, vertical mobile, and landscape mobile for the highest possible conversion rate.

7. Try dogfooding

Buy your own product on desktop and mobile. Do every step slowly. Look for weird design flaws or areas of friction, mark them down, then go back and fix them after you’re done.

8. Add a demo

Try adding a demonstration to your landing page. People love seeing products in action, especially when those products are somewhat complicated. Find or pay someone to create a video, then test your page with it on and off.

9. Speed is everything

Site speed is massively important. If yours is taking more than 3 seconds to load, you’re throwing money away. Check your speed, then start making moves to reduce it. Optimally, you want it to be 2 seconds at most.

10. Use an iterative and data driven approach

This isn’t a secret, but it’s the key to effective CRO is testing everything. The more you test, the more data you have, and the closer you get to total optimization. So, test a ton or hire someone to do it for you. It’s worth it.

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