How To Create A Lead Magnet?

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How To Create A Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are very effective conversion tools. They are the trip wires for people to make a small commitment before they fully commit to your brand.

A lead magnet is something that attracts people to click and put in their email address in a lead form, download something, get access to restricted websites/forums or start using one of your free tools or worksheets. Like the one, you see on all the websites these days.

Time Magazine Lead Magnet

You can see how Time Magazine is using a lead magnet on their website to collect visitor’s email address.

There are other ways to place lead magnets on your website, for example, when you are reading about email marketing, a pop-up shows up, or you see a small widget on the bottom of your screen offering you something for free in exchange for your contact information. Guides and Lists are some of the most popular lead magnets used out there.

Stocksnap Lead Magnet
Smashing Magazine Lead Magnet

If you own a website, you have to have some lead magnets on there. There is a good reason for having one. People don’t usually want to “contact you” right after they have seen your products or services on your website but they might be open to building a relationship after they get to know you.

And that’s where lead magnets come handy. It is something of value offered for free in exchange for someone’s contact information, which is generally someone’s email address.

The goal here is to start sending interested people a series of emails with valuable information inside and ask them to take small steps towards your offer.

If you want to lead how to create lead magnets then read on.

There are 3 keys to success with lead magnets

  1. Your lead magnets should be – Actionable, Valuable and Helpful. You can’t just write something up and publish it as an eBook. You got to provide actionable insights that help bring value to your website visitor’s life.
  2. Effectively use branding and design. Don’t just publish a simple word document to a PDF. Make it look good with the help of professional designers or tools like Canva.
  3. The results that people get from your lead magnet, should be immediate. They should get something of value right away after getting whatever you are offering for free and taking the actions you suggest in the eBook.

One trick to get more people to want what you are offering is to place targeted and contextual lead magnets. Here is a good example of Appsumo. They have placed a training webinar lead magnet on the sales page of the same product that they are selling on the page.

App Sumo Lead Magnet
App Sumo Lead Magnet

I specifically talked about eBooks here, but this advice can be applied to all kinds of lead magnets you create – Video Courses, Worksheets, Calculators, etc.

5 lead magnet mediums

  1. Video: You can create a video course and offer it for free to the interested people. It does two things, it will give you the contact information and it will also help your prospects warm up to your content. Let’s say if you are a business coach and you sale business consultancy, you can offer some of your highly valuable advice and insights for free in a video course.
  2. Audio: You can record a podcast and make it only available to the people who give you their email addresses and ask for it.
  3. Spreadsheets: You can share spreadsheets that can be used in your website visitor’s business. It can be a simple template of something valuable. Let’s say someone is visiting your accounting blog and they don’t have an invoicing template. You can offer a professional looking invoice template for free in exchange for their email address.
  4. Diagrams: You can share mind maps or workflows related to a particular industry’s processes or solutions to some specific problems.
  5. eBooks: eBooks are some of the best converting lead magnets. People love to collect the information and read it in a nicely formatted eBook form. And that’s where eBooks come handy. You create a few eBooks which are really valuable for your target audience and then you can start offering them on your website.

Here are 5 lead magnet ideas that you can use today:

  1. Resources: You can offer some resources that can bring value to your website visitor’s lives. These can be a list of tools or services that people can use in their businesses or these can be some sort of templates that they can use in their business. Ex. Top lists, Swipe Files, etc.
  2. Step-by-step guides: Give your website visitors a quick win. Give them a step-by-step how-to guide about the things some jobs they are trying to do or some goal they are trying to achieve. Ex. Cheatsheets, blueprints, assessments, quick start guides, anything-hacker guides)
  3. Hands-on training: You can offer training to your website visitors. If you can do it one-on-one that is great but if not you can offer Video Training, Email Courses, Webinars, etc. Make sure you don’t go over 90 min. That way you do not overwhelm people and keep them interested.
  4. Ready-to-use templates: These are pretty good lead magnets as well. We use all kinds of documents in our lives and businesses. You can offer the templates that you think can add value to your website visitor’s lives. Ex. Case Studies, Email/Sales scripts, Media Assets, Worksheets, etc.)
  5. Tools (Do-it-for-them): These are more powerful and expensive endures but if you can afford it, you can offer some software tools for free as well. Create trackers, calculators, etc. using Google Sheets / MS Excel, etc. Other good examples of free software lead magnets are WordPress plugins, Website Speed Trackers, Keyword Planners, etc.

Here is a list of high-value lead magnet web tools created by Hubspot, Neil Patel, and others:

  1. Website Grader by Hubspot for grading your website for SEO and user experience
  2. UberSuggest by Neil Patel for doing keyword research
  3. Blog Idea generator by Hubspot
  4. Make My Persona by Hubspot
  5. Headline Analyzer by Sharethrough
  6. Logo Creator by Shopify
  7. Business Name Generator by Shopify
  8. Free Stock Images by Shopify
  9. Landing Page Analyzer by Unbounce
  10. Link Explorer by MOZ

If you already have a blog or other valuable content that you want to re-purpose as a lead magnet then you can quickly create an eBook using Designrr.

To quickly create a lead magnet eBook, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Designrr account from here
  2. Copy the URL of your blog post or web page
  3. Paste it in Designrr
  4. Select an eBook template from the prebuilt designer templates
  5. Format the eBook using the Drag-and-Drop editor
  6. Start using it as a lead magnet

Canva is another good resource for creating beautiful lead magnets. It has several prebuilt document templates that you use to create your own lead magnets. Canva is super easy to use as well.

Quickly create a beautiful looking lead magnet using Canva
Quickly create a beautiful looking lead magnet using Canva

Here is how you can quickly create a beautiful looking lead magnet using Canva:

  1. Log in to Canva using Google or Twitter from here
  2. Select a template to edit
  3. Add your content to the template
  4. Change the colors, logos, and images that suits your brand
  5. Download the lead magnet as PDF
  6. Start offering that to your audience as a free resource in exchange for their email addresses

Here is a list of tools that you can use for adding the lead magnets to your website:

  1. OptiMonk
  2. Sumo
  3. Hellobar
  4. Opt-in Monster
  5. ConvertKit
  6. ConvertFlow

Full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. However, we try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best decision for your business. If you have any questions related to Lead Magnets, comment below and let us know.

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