Product or Service Launch For Small Businesses

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Product or Service Launch For Small Business

As a small business launching a new product or service to your target audience can be a daunting task. However, you can be very methodical about the product or service launch. Careful planning and trust building are two key success factors in launching a new product or service.

On day zero, when you have no audience and no contact list/email list, your first goal should be to map out the entire sales funnel.

Here is the step-by-step guide to create a Product Launch Sales Funnel

  1. Know your audience and create the Before/After Grids for each segment of your target audience
  2. Write the Sales Copy/Sales Letter (Problems, Results, Solutions)
  3. Convert your Sales Copy into a series of free content, blogs, emails or videos etc.
  4. Create Lead Magnets offering free content
  5. Once you get enough leads, let’s say 1000 leads, send them an email/series of emails saying that you are putting the final touches to your product/service and ask them if they have any feedback and what they want to see in the product/service.
  6. Collect your audience’s feedback in the form of emails/messages and create content around it. Ex. Email series or webinars
  7. Nurture your audience with emails and webinar. Make sure to remind people in each piece content who you are.
  8. Create a product/service offer that is a smaller ask and send emails asking people to buy that product/service. Ex. Let’s say you are launching a product that costs $1000, then create a mini version of that which is still highly valuable and offer it for $100.
  9. Send your audience the sales letter in 3 to 4 different email series sent across three to four days. You can use these sales letters to engage with your audience by sharing a template and helping people fill that out. In your final email, you should include a sales pitch video.
  10. Launch your product and send your offer to your audience. Make sure to use marketing automation tools to track open and click through rates and also to set the Google and Facebook remarekting pixels.
  11. Use remarketing to bring the leads back to your landing pages

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