Sales Funnels for Small Businesses

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Sales Funnels for Small Businesses

Every business, large or small has to have Sales Funnels. While it is really important for your small businesses to build an offline sales funnel, an online sales funnels can do wonders for your business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is an illustration of all the stages that someone goes through before buying a product or service from you. It is similar to a physical funnel except for the fact that a lot of people enter the Sales Funnels but a few will buy from you. That’s why it is very important that you perfect your pitch and build a Sales Funnel that optimizes conversion.

Different Stages in a Sales Funnel

  • Awareness: When people are entering the funnel, they don’t know you and about the value, you can provide. Your first job is to spread the message to get your audience’s attention through online marketing.
  • Interest: Your offer has to be attractive so that people take interest in it.
  • Decision: Once someone is interested in your offer, they need to make a decision. This is a very critical stage in s a Sales Funnel.
  • Action: Interested people will make a decision to act and decide to buy from you.
  • Delight: This is the final and one of the most important stages in a Sales Funnel. You got to delight your customers after they buy from you, so they keep coming back and buy more from you.
Sales Funnels for Small Businesses - Automation Teams
Sales Funnels for Small Businesses – Automation Teams

10 Tactics to Build the Sales Funnels to Sell Big Ticket Items (5 Figure Sales)

  1. Consistently produce good content
  2. Consistently share your content
  3. Establish yourself as an expert and an authority in your niche
  4. Build an audience that follows you and wants to learn from you
  5. Make it easy for people to contact you
  6. Follow up at least 7 times if someone has shown interest in buying from you
  7. Know your audience
  8. Write about how will you make your audience’s lives better
  9. Send proposals within 24 hours from the time someone has shown interest in buying from you
  10. Convert your website into a sales machine using the right digital technology stack for your business

Out of the Box Sales Funnel Solutions

  1. Click Funnels
  2. Beaver Funnels
  3. Leadpages
  4. Infusionsoft
  5. Instapage
  6. Unbounce
  7. Hubspot
  8. Salesforce

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