Snippect For In-Page Lead Generation Using Conversational Marketing

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Snippect For In-Page Lead Generation Using Conversational Marketing

Snippect is an easy to use in-page conversational marketing platform. You can get started with Conversational Lead Generation in less than 5 minutes. I did that. That includes signing up, setting up the code on my website and changing the logo and brand color.

Snippect’s chatbot interface does not feel like an interuprion as we see in the Opt-In pop-ups. It feels more human 😉

But seriously, it feels like someone is asking for your permission very gently. Which it awesome.

Another great thing about Snippect is that they are offering a really generous Free Plan at the moment. Maybe because they are just getting started and they are in beta at the moment and running into issues like these.

Snippect issue with preview while adding to WordPress as an HTML block

Hey, but I see a great potential in what we can achieve with this technology. I will potentially use Snippect in the combition of Facebook Chatbots, built using Mobile Monkey. Its another cool platform in the same market for the Conversational Lead Generation. Hope they address these small issues soon…

Key Features

  1. In-Page Conversational Snippets
  2. Drag-and-Drop snippet builder
  3. Visual conversation workflow builder
  4. Conversion Analytics
  5. Integrations with Hubspot and Mailchimp

Demo Video

To get started with Snippect, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account from here
  2. Choose from their prebuilt Snippect (I chose to use the Blog Post one)
  3. Add the embed code to your webpage or blog
  4. Start collecting leads in a completely new and non-annoying way

PS: Sorry for the OptiMonk pop-up you will see on this page when you will try to leave 😉

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